Aluminios Iluro

We are an aluminium joinery founded in 1989 in Mataró aimed at fulfilling the main requirements for all types of latest-generation metal enclosures.

Our innovative products and highly qualified service are the best alternatives for construction companies, industries and private customers, as they need individual attention according to their specific needs.

We provide a solution based on collaboration with leading brands for each line of products with an exclusive installation service. We only work with top brands that are approved and guarantee the maximum quality of both their products and their after-sales service.

As manufacturers and installers, we can offer a wide range of solutions in all branches of aluminium, PVC and glass joinery.

A technical department with highly qualified professionals allows us to advise both the end customer and the various professionals in their project work at all times.
Please feel free to visit our exhibitions in Mataró or Barcelona, where you will be able to see a wide range of products for yourself and get personalised advice on the products you are interested in.

Last testimonials of clients and collaborators

We trust Aluminis Iluro because of their service and exclusivity in innovative and sustainable products.

Cristobal Diez Sanchez / Architect

We have been relying on Aluminis Iluro for many years when it comes to our projects. They meet the agreed deadlines, we have technical support and a good after-sales service.

Manuel Gomez / Architect

We have been working with Aluminis Iluro for over 25 years and hope to keep working with them because they give us the confidence and experience we need.

Xavier Pous / Architect